If you want to be up-to-date on what’s coming this season, keep reading because we’ll tell you the 3 makeup tips you must know to be up on the latest in makeup and hairstyles.

1. Makeup Tips – Beauty: What’s new?

Current trends in skin come from past seasons. The goal is to have “fresh and cared-for” skin with a healthy look. How to achieve it? Follow the beauty ritual you already know:

  1. Clean your face morning and night
  2. Moisturize your eyes
  3. Moisturize your entire face morning and night with a cream specifically for your type of skin
  4. Use a mask designed for your type of skin at least once a week.
  5. When needed, also use an appropriate serum.

• Something new: Advance Night Repair concentrate (approx. €83) from Estee Lauder. This is a product that people will be talking about. It just came out on the market in September and is a perfect shock treatment product. It cures the skin and you can use it each time the season changes or when your skin is stressed and saturated.

2. Makeup Tips: Makeup: What is the trend this season?

Silky skin
The trend of last season continues: healthy skin with a light foundation or with a luminous effect. Remember to correct under eye circles and redness beforehand. Blend your foundation well so it looks natural.

• Something new: try the latest from Yves Saint Laurent which includes a brush.

Seductive look

The colors of the season are chocolates and the entire range of coffee colors, from capucchino to cafe au lait.
The smokey eye style. Here we give you the steps to follow to get the look:

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup (easily)

• Make up the interior eyelid with dark brown pencil, both upper and lower.

• Follow the same step on the upper and lower outer lid. It’s best to draw a thin line and thicken it little by little.

• Blend the pencil with a brush with brown shadow on it (or a chocolate tone that you like)

• Blend all the way to the bone, leaving no lines at all.

• Blend the lower lid with a fine brush, gently. Then apply a shiny cream on the fixed eyelid.

• Make up your lashes with intensity. Use a curler first and then two layers of black mascara.

Cheeks: Blushing is in fashion!
The trend in cheeks is to use cream or liquid blush in pale rose tones to give that healthy look.

• A good trick: apply the foundation, then (before the powder), apply the cream blush. Then use a brush lightly impregnated with translucent powder, and finally apply a little powder blush in a similar color. You’ll look great.
And remember: the best idea is to blend cream and liquid blushes with a sponge or with the fingertips.

Lips: Red is in season!

But if you do, choose light eye makeup.
If you make up your lips in red tones, remember to be very careful in the corners of the mouth. Follow these 3 makeup tips:

  1. Apply a neutral toned pencil around the lips and blend to erase the natural lip line (the trick is to blend well).
  2. Make up the lips with a red pencil, and inside the lips as well so that when the lipstick fades, you won’t see a dark line.
  3. Make up the lips with a brush in the intense red color you choose. You can apply gloss on top to give the most modern look.

3. Makeup Tips: HairStyles: The latest!

These are the three most popular hairstyles on the runways. They are all easy and comfortable!

Straight And Parted In The Middle

This is a very current and easy look if you have straight hair and like to let it fall. If you don’t have straight hair, to achieve it there is nothing like the new irons. Now there are ceramic irons that don’t damage the hair so much. Remember to always use a product to protect your hair before using a hairdryer or iron.

Neither Curley Nor Straighten

This is a trend that continues because of its ease and comfort. Here are some tips to help you achieve it:

  1. Straighten the longest layer of hair, totally smooth.
  2. Straighten the intermediate layer first to be able to shape it easily.
  3. Put in some wide rollers, rolled upwards and not very tight, in the middle layer, or use a curling iron to give shape, gently.
  4. Straighten the shortest layer but give volume by using hairspray on the upper part of the head.
  5. If you have bangs, straighten them with an intermediate-sized round brush to maintain the volume. There you have it!

Bangs are one of those touches that give personality and shape to the hair. You can wear them long at any age and very short (only for the young ones). Consult your stylist for recommendations that look best with your hair and face.

Source by Edward Azorbo