Aging is natural, but we humans, unlike other creatures, are vain, and prefer to maintain our outer appearance and beauty, and try a hundred different ways to stop or slow down the effects of aging. We humans use many Anti aging Products and Anti aging Treatments, to not only prevent aging, but also to hide the effects of aging.

An average human lifespan is around sixty-eighty years and a normal human shows signs of aging by middle age or around forty to forty-five years of age. Aging signs like sagging skin, wrinkles, sallow skin, and bags under the eyes are common occurrences. Nobody, especially women, want to look old and aged, and will do everything possible to either slow down the aging process, or look younger than their age, with Anti aging Products and Anti aging Treatments. Anti aging methods try to prevent, slowdown, or reverse natural effect of aging and helps people to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. These methods include scientific research and applications in tissue engineering and genetic engineering, and other numerous medical advances to find treatments/cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s. It also includes using anti aging psychology, like skills to cope with stress of aging, changes in the body, and aging.

The pursuit of an Anti aging formula is as old as civilization and the earliest reference we can find are in Egyptian books and hieroglyphs, and in books from ancient Grecian and Asian civilizations. While the Egyptian religion and the great Pyramids focused on an afterlife, attention was also to finding herbs and spices like olive leaves and olive oil, which were used to enhance beauty and longevity. Asians and Grecians used milk, turmeric, honey, and numerous other herbs and spices for enhancing beauty and used many medicines, herbs, and spices to extend life and slowdown the aging process. Most of these spices and herbs are still used today as Anti Aging Products and Anti aging Treatment.

People have been trying to find a perfect cure or treatment for aging for many millennia. This gave birth to many legends of magical places that gave youth, beauty, and life. Some of these legends like the one of Ponce de Leon’s search for a mythical ‘Fountain of youth’ is famous. In the 1930s, a British writer immortalized Shangri-la in his book. The book written by James Hilton described the mystical land of Shangri-la as an ageless magical paradise, located in the Himalayas, somewhere near the Chine-Tibet border. Over the millennia, the search for Anti aging Products and Anti aging Treatments has continued, and in fact with the help of modern science and research, is continuing at a faster pace.

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Source by Sunil Punjabi