Three Cardio Jump Rope Workouts

Think skipping rope is for the double dutch bunch at the elementary school playground? Think again. Believe it or not you can blast up to 750 calories per hour with nothing more than a jump rope-but we bet you won’t be able to last a full 60 minutes! The good news is, even a 10-minute

Tips for Identifying Common Insect Bites

Identifying common insect bites can be quite challenging because many insect bites look alike. Use this primer to narrow down what kind of bite you are dealing with. If possible, it’s always best to try to capture and keep the insect that bit you to facilitate easier insect identification if you develop health complications. However,

How to Lose Belly Fat and Why

Knowing how to lose belly fat can help you get rid of that jelly roll around your waist. In addition, losing belly fat can keep you healthy. How to Lose Belly Fat The best way to lose belly fat is also the safest way: eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Diets and exercises that

How does heart disease affect the body?

As heart disease is a leading cause of death, it’s crucial that you understand what causes this disease and what treatment options are available to help you stay healthy. What is heart disease? Heart disease is generally a result of damage to the blood vessel or to your heart by atherosclerosis-a condition that occurs when

Are YOU Taking This During Pregnancy?

Your obstetrician has probably told you to eat right and exercise during your pregnancy. And they might have also told you how important Omega-3 fatty acids are for you when you are pregnant. Especially your developing child’s BRAIN. But the information you MIGHT not know about Omega 3 and pregnancy might SHOCK you. During pregnancy

The Truth About Bacteria And Weight Loss

You made it through the holiday season. And now you are moving along through January. You may be busting your butt at the gym along with a TON of other people. You are curling your dumbbells when the person next to you suddenly sneezes, releasing possibly dangerous bacteria. Uh-oh, now you remember another reason why